Rise of Open Source Technologies in Middle East
Friday, January 31, 2014 - 10:54

Well Middle East is known for various things, including the Egyptian tourism, Arab beauty, memorization from Dubai, Turks, Jews, Druze, Copts and many more, but over last few years, Middle East has been in news for one more unique thing and that is advent of Open Source technology in the Middle East especially & precisely Dubai. Open source technology over last 2 decades has gained an immense level of popularity which is quite unbelievable and it is obvious that major countries and nations of the world could not remain untouched from the Midas touch of this incredibly awesome software technology. But the surprising factor was advent of open source development service in Middle East which took Middle East with a storm; a positive one obviously.


Open source customization is one of the trendiest technologies, these days in order to bring up the imagination and unique ideas into real action. Open source technology is one such software and IT related technology which has changed the course of business and industry over there in Middle East and the biggest nation getting influenced from this is Dubai. Open source consultants Dubai have become the one of the greatest hub around the world today to look for quality assured yet highly pocket friendly open source services. The services offered are extremely beneficial and result oriented due to the open source IT professionals working there.


Attune Infocom has been in the open source development Solution in cutting edge technologies for last several years and encompass one of the most proficient, experienced and dexterous team of technical professionals who have excellence in offering a variety of kinds of technology services. Along with these open source services, Attune Infocom also offers web development and software services, but at highly reasonable pricing without making even a small compromise the superior quality for which Attune is famous for at international platform. Till date, Attune has got over 65 international and over 500 domestic projects in its bag which have been and are being implemented successfully with the core commitment.


Attune Infocom, as the leading open source development service provider, has been providing integrated quality assured value services surrounding web development, software development, product customization & implementation, system integration, open source software development, training and consulting services across the years with utmost commitment and industry’s most ethical & transparent means. The company offers result oriented solutions based on Open Source technologies like Liferay, JBoss, Alfresco, Moodle, Mule ESB, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Zencart, JBPM, Activiti, WordPress, and Atlassian product stakes.


The satisfied clientele list of Attune Infocom comprises of big guns like Intel, GHX, Mahindra COMVIVA, Blue Star, Learning Mate, ALMISNAD Technology, ICS FS, Prime Focus, PROTEA Technologies Pvt Ltd, CGG, STREEBO, ProKarma, Mobile Internet Ltd and many more ever since our inception.


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