Business Model

Attune Infocom offers various business engagement model to meet the customer need. Client can select delivery model based on the project requirement, size and complexity. Our models are customizable and flexible to satisfy the customer demand.

Our engagement models are design to provide best value services:

  • Fixed Price Model
  • Time & Material Model
  • Hire Dedicated Resource (Onsite or Offshore)
  • Offshore Development Center

 Business Model

Are you facing any of these challenges?

This is the preferred option when project requirement, scope, specifications and deliverable are clearly defined. This model is suitable for small or mid-size projects where budget, timeline and cost are fixed.

Under this model, we provide a time & cost estimation to the client based on the fixed requirements of the project. Once both parties agrees on fixed price based on the efforts involved, we can start the project.

Our payment method depends on the size of the project. Client has to make some payment in advance to start the project, and remaining at the delivery of the project, after user acceptance testing (UAT). For bigger project, we can set the milestones according to modules or deliverable and payment is made as per the completion of milestone. Milestone based payment works best to reinforce visible movement, delivery and progress monitoring.

Time & Material Model

This is the preferred option when project requirement and scope are not frozen and are likely to undergo frequent changes. This model is suitable for large or scalable project where time, cost and resource cannot be estimated in advance. This model is also suitable for the client who wants specialized skills for a specific period of time.

Under this model, we provide hourly rates of resource efforts to the client based on the given task and time. We follow SCRUM / Agile methodology to develop the project. We follow phase wise approaches and define sprint cycle to deliver the tasks in given time line as per the client's priority. We define 15-30 days sprint cycle depending on the size of the project. As a part of our business strategy, we maintain task sheet and weekly reporting practices for project management.

Our payment method depends on the size & efforts of the team. Client has to make some payment in advance to start the project. In this model we have to make the payment weekly or bi-weekly based on the provided resource efforts.

Hire Dedicated Resource

Attune Infocom has team of experience and professional architect, project manager, team lead, developer, designer and tester, who have experience in almost all Open source Technologies. We provide Service of Hire a Dedicated Resources, where by you can hire dedicated resources on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis at onsite or offshore.

You can hire dedicated resources to incorporate with, become a group of people of resources who harmonize your in-house team remotely and act as requisite by your project requirements and company needs. You stay in a touch with us with your requirements and wishes regarding the work to be done or you may characterize the list of necessary knowledge, technologies and size of the team. Equally, we will identify the project metrics and custom modify the team of software engineers.

So, by taking service of Hire Dedicated Resource from Attune Infocom, for fixed period you can get resources with technical infrastructure that means there will be no need of hiring employee for few months of small projects. Offshore dedicated resources will work remotely from our office so it will cut down your expenses of light, infrastructure, employee pension and other allowances which are necessary to give after hiring employee in your company.

Under this model, the payment is done in advance. We charge advance for a full month in Dedicated Resource Model.

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