Attune Infocom is a Certified VMware Professional Partner since 2 years now. VMware is one of the global leader in Virtualization solution – ranging from Desktop to the Datacenter and following current trends of Cloud Computing. This helps business houses to achieve Infrastructure Virtualization to energize businesses. VMware has a very proven and reliable platform like vSphere to utilize optimum, controlled and flexible IT environment.

With Attune Infocom consultancy, virtual solutions will help companies to maximise their physical IT infrastructure resultant save the costs and remain flexible. As a certified VMware Professional, users around the world are assured with Attune Infocom expertise that they can maximise the performance of their hardware at the same time increasing in performance and decrease the overall Investment of their software. If we take an example of typical organizations, they normally utilise their servers to 15-20% optimum, with the help of virtualisation this can be increased to 90%. Core services as an integration solution, VMware proves again that Attune Infocom is based on the newest technologies and industry standards and can be seamlessly integrated into any IT environment.

Attune Infocom experience with Moodle Development and Moodle Customization has been highly positive and reinforces view. Moodle has impressive range of "out of the box" features has enabled Moodle to make significant inroads into many organisations, across the education, public and private sectors.

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