Apple Developer

We are very happy to announce our membership with the emerging market leader Apple iPhone to provide solution with The Apple Developer Programs, which offer a complete set of technical resources, support, and access to pre-release software & providing developers with everything they need to create innovative applications for iOS and Mac OS X, extensions for Safari, and accessories for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

As a member company, now, Its easy for us to get in to iPhone App development with the first step Easy Developments iOS SDK, you can get started developing your iOS application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch today. Access the iOS Dev Center for a wealth of resources including videos, sample code, technical documentation, Apple Developer Forums, and more.

Second step is to “See how your development application will perform in a real-world environment by installing and testing it directly on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. So, will get testing support from Apple.

And the final one is to Sales / Distribute the app with the iOS Developer Program provides us access to the App Store where we can distribute free or commercial application to millions of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch customers.

Combining all these advantages, we will launching iPhone Apps very soon and also will take care of our customer requirement for their own iPhone Apps.