Bonitasoft Partner

We are proud to announce our partnership with BonitaSoft, the leading provider of BPM solutions, BonitaSoft is a software company created by the founders of the Bonita open source project. BonitaSoft aims to become the undisputed global leader in open source Business Process Management (BPM) by providing flexible, powerful Business Process Management Solutions for all types of organizations.

BonitaSoft based on an active developer community

The BonitaSoft BPM suite is written in Java, therefore platform independent executable on all major computing environments, and also runs standalone, it is therefore not a separate server as with other BPM applications required. The latest BPMN 2.0 standard is met. BonitaSoft in development since 2001 and in 2009 with the support of venture capital as a new firm BonitaSoft with the clear message "We will change the game in the world of BPM" started. BonitaSoft a member of the OW2 Consortium, a global open source community that will promote the development of software solutions and standards in open source middleware. With open source applications still important Even BonitaSoft based on an active developer community, which can be found at

Attune Infocom Pvt Ltd, an open source systems integrator - and familiar with the most urgent challenges of BPM in companies - is committed to the consistent zero-code strategy. Attune Infocom will therefore continue to integrate the BonitaSoft BPM suite into its portal and document management solutions.

BonitaSoft, is oriented with its tool on the needs of business users (who do not have programming skills). For such users it is important to quickly and easily control their collaborative processes required, for example in the Alfresco ECM to build up, Liferay Portal, or in other intranets and extranets. BonitaSoft promises that after reading the Quick Start guides every business user is able to create his first processes themselves and integrate into their applications. This represents a considerable number of connectors with BonitaSoft like Pentaho business intelligence (BI), BI suites from Jaspersoft.