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Attune Infocom offers integration solution using CentraSite, a SOA registry / repository, in partnership with Software AG & FUJITSU. CentraSite is key to both companies' BPM and SOA suite offerings. The CentraSiteTM Community brings SOA based partners together to help you as a customer successfully design, implement, manage, govern and optimize a complete SOA ecosystem. The aim of the community is to help enterprises in their endeavors to break down legacy, stove-pipe applications into modular components that can be leveraged across different business lines and units. CentraSite is a standards-based SOA registry and repository jointly developed by Fujitsu and Software AG.

Software AG delivers mission-critical software infrastructure solutions based on open standards and is in the forefront of advanced Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), enabling their customers to create powerful enterprise applications. Software AG has more than 37 years of global IT experience and approximately 3,700 employees serving over 4000 customers in 70 countries.

PARTNER FOCUS & Together & FUJITSU and Software AG & are able to provide unique solutions combining the domain expertise and intellectual property of a partner's presence in the market, with the technological leadership and capabilities of the webMethods business infrastructure suite of Software AG. This combination offers the market an unprecedented solution set focused on the needs companies face in today's competitive business environment.

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Attune Infocom helps customers transform the software development and testing lifecycle for greater quality and agility in an environment of constant change. Attune Infocom offers innovative ontology-based solutions, knowledge models, which homogenise your company's specific expertise. Attune Infocom Tests, Validate and Virtualize solutions are optimized for distributed, multi-tier applications that leverage SOA, BPM, integration suites, and ESBs. Out of the box, Attune Infocom directly interacts with SoftwareAG's CentraSite platform, providing an immediate reference point for adding Quality to your overall Service Management and SOA Governance efforts. The ability to validate Policies - and SOA endpoints - both at a management and an implementation level with Attune Infocom, ensures reliability and trust that the system will work as defined. Attune Infocom's solution associates SOA artifacts with the Software AG CentraSite registry. This integration enables teams to automatically execute a quality workflow and correlate quality data in context of an SOA Governance initiative.