Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Hosting has been the much talked technology these days and creating murmur around the globe. In fact, your's already part of the Cloud Hosting, using online applications in daily routine like, market analysis, emails, websites and many more.

Cloud Consulting Services help customers evaluate cloud as part of their overall IT tune-up delivery strategy, counsel which enterprise applications can be moved to the cloud, target operating model, people, process and technology for using Cloud.

Cloud Readiness Assessment services help large enterprises to adopt Cloud Computing technologies analytically and profitably. Cloud Consulting leverages its deep proficiency of working with large ventures and innovative tools and accelerators to provide neutral Cloud assessment, and defining a strategic and business learning Cloud adoption strategy for its patrons.

Cloud Consulting Services Provided by Attune Infocom

  • Cloud Storage Solution
  • Virtual Cloud Solution
  • Cloud Integration Service
  • Cloud Advisory & Strategy for small and medium enterprises
  • Defining Cloud strategy for the business
  • Selection from the Private Cloud and the Public Cloud
  • Right Public Cloud provider & technology stack
  • Defining the Hybrid Cloud Strategy
  • Providing training on Cloud Computing
  • Cloud based Product Design and Architecture Consulting for Mentors
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Defining the product scope, roadmap and the customer segmentation
  • Optimizing the propose for scalability and performance

Hire Cloud Consulting Engineers from Attune Infocom

Attune Infocom has peerless Cloud Consulting engineers to deliver cloud services.

Here are some reasons that make us unique from others -
  • Huge experience of working on different Cloud projects including private and public clouds.
  • Excellent complexity solving skills
  • Engineers can provide onsite and offsite consulting
  • Ready to work independently, or as an effective team member
  • Seamless customer and technical support
  • Endeavor, at all times, to maximize client satisfaction

Why choose Attune Infocom for Cloud Consulting?

Attune Infocom Cloud Consulting Services including planning and implementation help organizations understand the implications of not only the technology aspects of your strategy, but most importantly, the people and process elements. As a leading consultant for Cloud Hosting provider, Attune Infocom offers various Cloud Solutions.

Below are few reasons to choose Attune Infocom for Cloud Consulting -

  • Converged Cloud approach - providing the unconstrained access to IT resources
  • Cloud Computing Solutions using shared resources that deliver both low-cost and high-availability solutions from hired resources.
  • Private Cloud Solutions utilizing dedicated resources for enhanced security, reliability & manageability from Partner like AWS and Rackspace
  • Custom Private Cloud Solutions using custom hardware, software, virtualization, storage and managed services to support unique Cloud Hosting requirements from 3rd party hired services or dedicated solutions
  • We determine the business case and ROI (Return On Investment) for implementing and managing the Cloud Services for clients

If you are seeking a proven and reliable vendor for Cloud Consulting Service, feel free to contact us.


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