Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

  • How do you keep up with growing demand for computing resource?
  • Are you struggling to achieve auto scaling & load balancing?
  • Are your data distributed between on-premise & cloud?

Our Expertise

Cloud Computing Benefit

    • Ezeeo is interactive portal supporting community members query through online mode
    • Custom portal features like calendar, profile and expert area
    • Manages account of each experts and online payment integration
    • Integrate with BigBlueButton audio video conference system

    • Build from scratch with concept of online training delivery
    • Used Drupal CMS as UI and back end
    • Integrate Kaltura video streaming server
    • Deployment over Amazon Cloud

    • Business Portal hosted over Amazon EC2 Cloud
    • Enabled Auto scalling to meet the load
    • Store and secure your data, documents, photos, video and media content on Amazon S3
    • Managed file storage, sharing, access management and editing using Online editor

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