Service Oriented Architecture


Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a development of distributed computing based on request/response design model for synchronous and asynchronous applications. SOA is not only the creation of new program or technology, but also the modification and replacement of existing ones or the whole service lifecycle. Through SOA you can turn business functions into services that can be reused and accessed through regular interfaces. As a whole, it's a software design model, step-by-step identification of business processes, advance assessment of process automation and optimization, continuous monitoring throughout the process, real time process performance monitoring, and flexible, adoptable & agile business process which reduces response time to changes and competitive threats.

Service Oriented Architecture benefits

  • Step-by-step identification of business processes
  • In-advance assessment of process automation and optimization
  • Non-stop monitoring throughout the process
  • Real time process performance monitoring
  • Flexible, adoptable and agile business process which reduce response time to changes and competitive threats
  • Reduce semantic gap between business process and applications using BPMN and BPEL
    • BPMN for modeling business processes
    • BPEL for the execution of business processes

SOA Services provided by Attune Infocom

  • SOA Integration
  • SOA Design
  • SOA Consulting
  • SOA Services
  • SOA Solutions
  • SOA Training

Hire Resources for SOA Services from Attune Infocom

Attune Infocom provides supreme superior SOA services, delivering in top ways to its clients.

  • Knowledge of SOA Suite (ESB)
  • Experience in building out Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and ESB
  • Experience in Integration with external system through FTP, Webservices
  • SOA Suite Deployment Knowledge
  • Huge experience of working on different ESB projects

Why Choose Attune Infocom for SOA Services?

Adopting SOA services from Attune Infocom is one of the best options, as we come up with many good reasons like:

  • Integrate different web services
  • Great experience of working with all types of Services
  • Expand SOA services and integrate different ESB product
  • Industrial experienced SOA developers
  • Team chooses the right strategy to avoid problems in future
  • Worked on all types of domains around the world
  • We pay high attention to client requirements

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