Alfresco Training


This training course is designed on modular basis and you can take full advantage with complete course. We have created this training course for developers, administrators and team leads which wraps up administration, maintenance & migration, customization and development using web scripts and share configuration in a 4 days scaterred intensive class.

This training will help individual to take functional and technical requirements and implementing those as Alfresco configuration or customizations, or perhaps building whole new applications on the Alfresco content server.


  • Prior exposure to Java and J2EE environment is must.
  • Exposure to servlets, struts and hibernate environment is ad added advantage.
  • Reasonably good database skills.
  • Some knowledge about Eclipse IDE and ant build tool.

Hardware & Software requirement

  • System configuration - Intel P4 / Core 2 / Dual Core processor with 2 GB RAM
  • Operating system - Microsoft Windows XP with Admin access
  • Softwares: MySQL 5, JDK 1.5, Eclipse 3.3

Course Contents

Day 1 - Fundamentals, Administration and Content Modelling

Architecture and Technology

  • Architecture review
  • Start-up and connecting
  • Minimum configuration requirements
  • Subsystems

User Interfaces

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Authentication
  • Authentication / How does Alfresco allow multiple authentication modes for a website and how it is used?
  • Roles

Security and Permissions

  • Authentication
  • Roles/Permission Groups
  • Managing permissions
  • Permissions

Repository Configuration

  • Understand how repo configuration is done
  • What types of things can be configured
  • Best practices"

Content Model Overview

  • Relationships, types, aspects, associations
  • What is a content model
  • Built in types and aspects
  • Deploying a content model

Creating Content Models

  • Content models explained
  • Types and properties
  • Deploying content models
  • Associations, aspects and constraints
  • User Interface Manifestation
  • Advanced Topics
  • Best practices

Day 2 - Alfrsco API Development

Developing Against the Alfresco Repository

  • Spring Framework
  • Foundation services API
  • Web services API
  • Separating concerns using AOP

Extending the Alfresco Repository

  • Repository actions
  • Repository policies
  • Content transformers
  • Metadata extractors

Document/Records management

  • Creation of documents, workflows and deployment
  • Integration with MS-Office
  • OCR, scanning & indexing (Overview)

Day 3 - Alfresco Share Configuration



Architecture and technology

  • Overview of the Forms
  • Various Terminology
  • Forms used in Alfresco Share

Configuring UI controls

  • How to Change default User Interface (UI) control behavior
  • How to Change the list of aspects a user can select
  • Display of a new custom type
  • Chang of label alignment

Content Search

  • Lucene search overview
  • Lucene APIs and search examples for WCM, DM & RM

Day 4 - Web Scripts

Introduction to Web scripts

  • Types of Web Scripts
  • Components of a Web Script
  • How Components Work Together
  • User Interface Web scripts
  • Web Scripts in Applications and Portals
  • Web Scripts in Action

Creating Web Scripts

  • Defining a Web script
  • Storing a web script
  • Registering a Web Script
  • Listing all Registered Web Scripts
  • Invoking a Web Script
  • Developing Java Backed web scripts

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