JBoss JBPM Training


Attune Infocom offers JBoss jBPM training to get ahead middleware architects and application developers who are responsible for designing business processes, implementing business process management systems, and integrating BPM into their enterprise architecture. Attune Infocom provides a thorough understanding of the jBPM product. Professionals will acquire practical hands on expertise and will be ready to start developing business processes with JBoss jBPM after the training. The course teaches process modeling, task management, client APIs, integration and customization, etc.


  • Good knowledge of Java programming.
  • Experience with Eclipse is an added advantage.
  • Some experience with Hibernate is highly recommended.

Hardware & Software requirement

  • System configuration - Intel P4 / Core 2 / Dual Core processor with 2 GB RAM
  • Operating system - Microsoft Windows XP with Admin access

Course Contents

Day 1:

  • Overview of JBPM 5
  • Download the installer
  • Core engine API
    • Knowledge base, session, Events
  • Core Engine Basics
    • Creating a process
    • Using the graphical BPMN2 Editor
    • Defining Processes Using the Process API
  • Process Constricts : Overview
  • Process Properties

Day 2:

  • Events
    • Start event
    • End event
    • Intermediate event
  • Activities
    • Script task
    • Service task
    • User task
    • Reusable sub-process
    • Business rule task
    • Embedded sub process
    • Multi instance sub process
  • Gateways
    • Diverging gateway
    • Converging gate way
  • Data
  • Constraints
  • Action Scripts
  • Timers
  • Authorization
  • User and group Management
  • Registering your own service handlers

Day 3:

  • Human task service
    • Task life cycle
    • Linking human task service to jbpm engine
    • Interacting with the human task service
    • User and group assignment
    • Starting the human task service
    • Understanding workflow form elements
    • Full create, review and approval workflow
  • Human task client
  • Domain specific processes
    • Creating the work definition
    • Registering the work definition
    • Using your own work item in your processes
    • Executing service nodes
  • Integration with servlet and spring
  • Case study to demonstrate a human task service called in the servlet web application
  • Rule task with drools rule Engine
  • Sending mails with workflow
  • Understanding task node assignments
  • JPA persistence method - it enables you to choose any database and persistence schema to store the processes variables and history log
  • Jbpm5 application quick start using maven

For more information and register please send email to training@attuneinfocom.com