Liferay Portlet Development


This training course is prepared for the community level beginners, designers and developers to get hands-on on Liferay portlet plugin development, portlet development, extension development and hook plugin development. Focus towards this training is specially meant for designer to develop a theme on Liferay. One will get benefited from hands-on approach to learn the material effectively and quickly. Through the many exercises given throughout the course, will learn to perform all of the functions, which maximizes the ability to learn everything. This training will be a perfect approach to learn Liferay Portlet development and Theme development.


  • Prior exposure to Java, J2EE, servlets, struts and hibernate environment is must.
  • Must have sound knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java Script.
  • Reasonably good database skills.
  • Some knowledge about Eclipse IDE.

Hardware & Software requirement

  • System configuration - Intel P4 / Core 2 / Dual Core processor with 2 GB RAM
  • Operating system - Microsoft Windows XP with Admin access
  • Softwares: MySQL 5, JDK 1.5, Eclipse 3.3

Course Contents

Day 1: Liferay Portlet Plugins Development

  • Introduction to Liferay
  • Introduction to Liferay Plugins Development
  • Liferay Tomcat Bundle Installation
  • MySQL Database Integration
  • Installation of Plugins SDK & Eclipse IDE
  • JSR 168 and JSR 286
  • Liferay New Portlet Development
    • JSP
    • Struts
    • Spring
    • IPC
    • JSF
  • Introduction to Service builder
    • Database interaction

Day 2: Liferay Hook and EXT Plugins Development

  • Understanding Liferay extension environment
  • Hook Portlet Development
    • Portal properties customization
    • Language customization
    • Liferay JSP customization
    • Services customization
  • Custom Attribute & Expando Table
  • Liferay Event Extension using Hook and EXT
    • Application Startup Event
    • Login Event
    • Global Startup Action
  • Portlet Preference
    • Development time
    • Run time
  • Liferay Permission
    • Portlet Resources
    • Model Resources
  • Introduction to SOA in Liferay
    • Web Services
    • WSRP

Day 3: Liferay Theme, Layout and Web Plugins Development

  • Understanding Liferay Theme
  • Layout Development
  • Overview of Liferay Theme Development
  • Theme Development
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • Velocity
  • Java Script
  • Color scheme
  • Navigation Customization
  • Portlet UI customization
  • Introduction to Alloy UI
  • Vaadin Portlet Development
  • Introduction of Web Plugins
    • Workflow using JBPM

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