Liferay Portal System Administration


This training course is designed keeping in consideration for all developers, architect and project managers to get hands-on on Liferay Portal plugin repository management, clustering and load balancing and deploying customized Liferay projects. This is a required training for individuals who wish to manage Liferay Portal for their end clients. You will get benefited from hands-on approach to learn the material effectively and quickly. Through the many exercises derived through experiences, you will be delighted getting through the course, and will learn to perform all of the functions, which maximizes the ability to learn everything. This training is focusing on Liferay System Administration topic.


  • Prior exposure to Java, J2EE, servlets, struts and hibernate environment is must.
  • Reasonably good database skills.
  • Some knowledge about ant build tool.

Hardware & Software requirement

  • System configuration - Intel P4 / Core 2 / Dual Core processor with 2 GB RAM
  • Operating system - Microsoft Windows XP with Admin access
  • Softwares: MySQL 5, JDK 1.5, Eclipse 3.3

Course Contents

Day 1: Liferay Clustering and Load Balancing

  • Introduction to Liferay
  • Introduction to Liferay Plugins Development
  • Liferay Tomcat Bundle Installation
  • MySQL Database Integration
  • Installation of Plugins SDK & Eclipse IDE
  • Liferay Clustering
    • Cluster Architecture
    • Recommendation
  • Multicasting
  • EHCache Configuration and setting
  • Hibernate Configuration
  • Jackrabbit Configuration
  • Lucene Configuration
  • Load Balancing using Apache HTTP Server

Day 2: Liferay Integration and administration

  • LDAP Integration - Liferay + Apache DS
  • Single-Sign On (SSO) Integration - Liferay + OpenSSO
  • Liferay+Alfresco+LDAP+SSO Integration
  • SOLR Integration
  • Server Administration and Settings
  • Portal Monitoring
  • Performance setting
  • Setting Log Level
  • Liferay Back up and Upgrade
  • Liferay Deployment
  • Remote service access & SOA configuration
    • Web Services
    • WSRP

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